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La Branlette Du Petit Matin With the aid of a chocolate cake recipe the Youtuber Marie Marquise explains that the right to an abortion in France is fixated by the "Loi Veil" (Abortion Legalisation Law), but that other countries like Poland today have to be questioned on their rights to abort.
Short Film 2 min

Topic: Abortion
Doll and silence This movie is about the loneliness of Marcela, a a 14-year-old girl who decides to interrupt an unwanted pregnancy. In a country like Brazil, where abortion is illegal in most cases and still a huge taboo, the weight of laws will crumble on Marcela. This story is told from the point of view of Marcela, how she sees it and not how she is seen by the world. A narrative where fantastic elements ma...
Short Film 19 min

Topic: Abortion
The Abortion Pill: A historical look from The United States The film "The Abortion Pill" examines the pros and cons of a drug that can end a pregnancy without surgery. Opponents call it the “death pill.” Supporters call it the “moral property of women.” RU486, the pill that can end a pregnancy without surgery, has been kept out of the United States for over a decade. The film "The Abortion Pill" tells the extraordinary story of why, before the year 2000...
Report 55 min

Topic: Abortion
Abortion: Stories Women Tell Abortion: Stories Women Tell offers an intimate window into the lives of these women through their personal stories. Some are heartbreaking and tender some are bleak and frightening; some women, on both sides of the issue, find the choice easy to make due to their own circumstances and beliefs, while others simply inform us of the strength and capacity of women to overcome and persevere through...
Documentary 93 min

Topic: Abortion
From Unwanted Pregnancies to Safe Abortion The film "From Unwanted Pregnancies to Safe Abortion" (Animated Film) shows why safe abortion is a right, and why the lack of safe abortion services is both a public health and human rights issue.
Documentary 9 min

Topic: Abortion
It's Her Right - To Mr. President Safe and Legal abortion is every woman's right! Restriction of safe abortion is a violation of Human Rights. There are more than 600- 700 abortions happening every day yet the law related to abortion is Sri Lanka is restricted. Women's lives are at risk! It's Her Right.
Documentary 13 min
Sri Lanka

Topic: Abortion
The drop Shathi, from Dhaka is suffering complications from unsafe abortion. Like her, each year, an estimated 572,000 women suffer complications from unsafe abortion, but only 40% of those who need treatment actually receive care from a facility. Watch this powerful documentary made by our Youth Champion Anika Binte Habib from Bangladesh highlighting the complications women face in accessing safe ab...
Documentary 8 min

Topic: Abortion
Tainted (Abortion Situation in the Philippines) A short documentary about abortion stigma on the Philippines.
Documentary 7 min

Topic: Abortion
Corpus delicti - 20 years rights to abortion in Belgium A documentary about the history of abortion in Belgium, and the development in Europe since 2010. In 1990, the abortion in Belgium which exempted from punishment. The development is documented in six chapters to 5 minutes each, with archival footage and eyewitnesses. Especially the public debate in Belgium, Europe and worldwide on this issue will be shown.
Documentary 26 min

Topic: Abortion
One Sings, the Other Doesn't Pauline (Valérie Mairesse), a schoolgirl studying for her baccalaureate, wanders into a gallery and recognizes an old friend, Suzanne (Thérèse Liotard), in one of the photographs displayed. Suzanne has two children with the photographer and is expecting a third which she cannot afford to keep. In order to help raise funds for an abortion, Pauline lies to her parents about a school trip, and whe...
Film 120 min
Belgium Venezuela France

Topic: Abortion