Not yet rain

“Thunder is not yet rain” – African proverb

Not Yet Rain, a short film by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Lisa Russell, produced in association with Ipas, explores abortion in Ethiopia through the voices of women who have faced the challenge of finding safe care. Through their stories, we see the important role that safe abortion care plays in the overall health of women and their families.

Every year, millions of women around the world risk their lives to end unintended pregnancies. While a law enacted in 2006 marked great progress toward reproductive freedom in Ethiopia, Not Yet Rain shows that changing the law is just the first step; much more needs to be done as women continue to die from unsafe abortions. Training for health workers and increased availability of care could save the lives of women in Ethiopia and around the world.

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  • Commercial DistributorMedia Contact Kirsten Sherk   Ipas, Senior Associate for Media Relations   +1 (919) 960-5612
  • Genre Documentary
  • Year 2010
  • Length 23 min
  • Topic Abortion
  • Countries Africa
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