Doll and silence

This movie is about the loneliness of Marcela, a a 14-year-old girl who decides to interrupt an unwanted pregnancy. In a country like Brazil, where abortion is illegal in most cases and still a huge taboo, the weight of laws will crumble on Marcela. This story is told from the point of view of Marcela, how she sees it and not how she is seen by the world. A narrative where fantastic elements materialize and her memories mingle as a river that flows and flows into the sea. When Marcela makes the decision, under the materiality of blood, she joins her destiny with women from other times worldwide. A counterpoint to the loneliness that seemed to be the only way of life. Perhaps, Marcela's only mistake was thinking that she was alone.
  • DirectorCarol Rodrigues
  • AuthorCarol Rodrigues
  • CameraJulia Zakia
  • produced byHeitor Franulovic and Paulo Serpa
  • CountriesBrazil
  • GenreShort Film
  • Year2015
  • Length19 min
  • TopicAbortion
  • LanguagesPortuguese
  • SubtitlesEnglish

  • Genre Short Film
  • Year 2015
  • Length 19 min
  • Topic Abortion
  • Countries Brazil
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