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Ours to Tell

“Ours to Tell” is the story of four people who live full and empowered lives because they had the freedom to access abortion. This film comes as women are increasingly denied access to abortion — and as people across the Unites States face an unprecedented assault on the legal right to access it. “Ours to Tell” shows us the world we could and should have — one where all people are able to access the health care they want, need, and deserve, with compassion and support.
  • DirectorRayka Zehtabchi
  • MusicHerdís Stefansdóttir
  • produced byPlanned Parenthood Federation of America
  • CountriesUSA
  • GenreShort Film
  • Year2020
  • Length17 min
  • TopicAbortion
  • LanguagesEnglish

  • Genre Short Film
  • Year 2020
  • Length 17 min
  • Topic Abortion
  • Countries USA
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