Marriage of Dr. Danwitz

Dr. Danwitz works as a young assistant doctor at the hospital free of charge. The money earned his attractive wife Edith as a mannequin in a fashion house. When she becomes pregnant, this source of income dries up, and the couple gets into trouble. In parallel, the film depicts the fate of the couple Hambach. The Hambachs have done it in the "economic miracle": Fritz Hambachs synthetic fiber factory is thriving as well as Christa Hambachs fashion studio, but the marriage has broken down. As Christa Hambach becomes pregnant, she wants to have an abortion. Although Dr. Danwitz would have needed the fee urgently and initially is also ready, he rejects the intervention because his conscience pricked him. Finally his colleague Dr. Hauser is persuaded by the desperate Mrs. Hambach. The woman paid the forbidden engagement with her life, the doctor with the final loss of his profession. What remains is the "good" couple Danwitz - poor but happy ...
  • RegisseurArthur Maria Rabenalt
  • AutorMichael Mansfeld
  • KameraAlbert Benitz
  • SchauspielerKarlheinz Böhm, Marianne Koch, Paul Dahlke, Maximilian Schell, Heidemarie Hatheyer, Kai Fischer
  • MusikBert Grund
  • LänderGermany
  • GenreFilm
  • Jahr1956
  • Länge96 min
  • ThemaAbbruch
  • SprachenGerman
  • SynchronisationenFinnish, Hungarian
  • UntertitelEnglish

  • Genre Film
  • Jahr 1956
  • Länge 96 min
  • Thema Abbruch
  • Länder Germany
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