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The history of contraception in 6 minutes

What is the purpose of the bidet? How does the spiral work and what does Coca Cola have to do with contraception? Since 2007, the first and only museum in the world dedicated to contraception and abortion has been investigating these issues.

Using objects, images and stories, the MUVS tells the painful battle for fertility control. Starting from antiquity, through the Middle Ages to the present day with an outlook on the future, medical, political and social developments are documented and discussed.

About 100 years ago, fertility still meant that a woman's life was characterized by an average of about 15 pregnancies, 10 births and 8 children. In a long and arduous process, people first had to learn to adapt this natural level of fertility to the number of children they wanted. This is the only reason why today we can live our sexuality and fertility in many places with self-determination.

A visit to the MUVS is touching, moving and astonished. Maybe you'll go out a little more thoughtfully than you came in.
  • produziert vonMUVS
  • LänderAustria
  • GenreShort Film
  • Jahr2017
  • Länge6 min
  • ThemaVerhütung
  • SprachenGerman
  • Website http://muvs.org

  • Genre Short Film
  • Jahr 2017
  • Länge 6 min
  • Thema Verhütung
  • Länder Austria
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