I cannot remain silent any longer

Because of the violation of the § 218, the so-called "abortion law", a gynecologist must stand trial. He is accused in three cases: The first case concerns a 16-year old girl who became pregnant at a rape, in the second case it comes to a child-rich working woman who can barely feed their family and in the third count, the death of a pregnant girl negotiated, which was dismissed by the doctor - and the "treatment" by a "abortionist" was killed. Despite a coherent defense of the doctor is found guilty by the court.
  • DirectorJochen Wiedermann
  • AuthorFelix Lützkendorf
  • CameraEkkehard Kyrath
  • ActorsBarbara Frey, Michael Verhoeven, Brigitte Mira, Paul Klinger, Charles Regnier, Gisela Peltzer, u.a.
  • MusicPeter Sandloff
  • produced byHans Oppenheimer-Film Gmbh & Co. KG, Berlin/West
  • CountriesGermany
  • GenreFilm
  • Year1962
  • Length86 min
  • TopicAbortion
  • Format35 mm (BW mit Ton)
  • LanguagesGerman
  • Website http://www.amazon.de/Ich-kann-nicht-l%C3%A4nger-schweigen/dp/B000ETQRM2

  • Genre Film
  • Year 1962
  • Length 86 min
  • Topic Abortion
  • Countries Germany
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